(Baby Elephants)

“In our Tembos room we provide fun, physical and exciting play opportunities for children aged 16 months – 2 years that captures their creativity and growing imaginations.”

Tembos (Baby Elephants)

We offer children the opportunity to play with a variety of accessible toys that promote their early learning skills through structured play, from mimicking adults at home with real life scenarios to problem solving skills such as, exploring shape sorters, puzzles and ICT toys. Typical activities covered within this age group consist of learning animal sounds, vehicle sounds, introducing first recognisable words, naming body parts and learning simple signing.

We encourage a lot of creative play where the children are able to get messy and investigate with a range of different resources such as; paint, glue, gloop, sand, shredded paper, pasta, rice and water, along with developing their mark making skills. Children in this age group have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in our messy mornings, covering themselves in head to toe with paint!

We also encourage the children to explore their senses through the use of everyday and natural objects and extend their problem solving skills

With these open ended resources they are able to post objects, fill and empty containers, sort objects, construct with them and explore sizes and textures and the sounds they can make with them.

In addition to this, we have a separate outdoor learning environment where the children are able to explore in our sand pit, digging area and herb garden, play with the balls, bubbles and small trikes or investigate with the sound line. We also have the luxury of a six seated buggy which allows us to take the children out of the nursery to the local pond, nature reserve and park.

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    • What Our Parents Say

      ”Safari Stars is a great nursery, and we feel our children are very well supported here. They are learning a lot and doing many different enjoyable activities. The staff are always welcoming and helpful. We would strongly recommend this nursery”.

      (AT – 2-3years)

    • What Our Parents Say

      ”We love this place. All of our kids, including the twins, went to this nursery. They love it. Their interaction with the teachers is 1-2-1. They are a little person with different personalities and behaviours. The nursery did understand that and helped them in their development and learning. The prices are very affordable, and the staff is very helpful and understanding. We do get their feedback daily. Kids are excited to go to the nursery every day and even want to go on weekends”.

      (Gurvinder G – under 2s)

    • What Our Parents Say

      ”My little boy has been going to Safari Stars for over a year now. He absolutely loves it and has come on so much learning new things every day. The staff are so friendly and approachable, and nothing is ever a problem. The care they show to the children is amazing and puts your mind at ease leaving your baby with them. I would highly recommend Safari Stars to anyone who is looking to put their child into a nursery”.

      (Zoe A – under 2s)

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