10 Reasons to Choose Safari Stars Nursery in Hatfield, UK for Your Child Under 5

July 12, 2023
Choosing the right nursery for your child is a crucial decision that sets the foundation for their early development and learning. Safari Stars Nursery, located in Hatfield, UK, is a top-notch childcare facility that provides a nurturing environm…

The Bright Side of Nurseries in the UK

July 7, 2023
Nurseries in the United Kingdom play a vital role in nurturing the early development of children, providing a safe and stimulating environment for them to flourish. Although the nursery system faces its share of challenges, there is a silver lini…
  • What Our Parents Say

    “There is a lovely friendly vibe at Safari Stars, on nursery days my son excitedly announces he is off to nursery and often mentions his caregivers with fondness, I enjoy both drop off and pick up knowing he has or will have a good day”

    Zoe (2-3 Years)

  • What Our Parents Say

    “Our son has settled in really well at nursery thanks to the great support and caring from all of the staff at Safari Stars. Our whole family have felt welcome making it very easy for us to leave our son at nursery and for me to transition back to work with one less worry to deal with. Everyone is friendly and approachable making us feel part of the family from day one.”

    Thanks, Siân (Under Two’s)

  • What Our Parents Say

    “I went to check out lots of nurseries for my precious daughters but as soon as I went to Safari Stars I knew it was the right place for us. The staff are really friendly but more importantly they are incredibly knowledgeable and professional. My daughters are so happy there and are always excited to go. This makes me feel very confident that they are well cared for and are having fun!”

    Belinda & Mike (Under Two’s & 2-3’s)

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